Upcoming MacDowell Downtown 2017 Events

Previous MacDowell Downtown 2017 Participants

Spanish filmmaker Irene Gutierrez introduced the new season of MacDowell Downtown on Friday, March 3 by screening a couple of short films, discussing her craft, and describing her latest feature documentary film project, Border Diaries.

Playwright Bizzy Coy read from published an unpublished humor pieces and talked about her current project revising a play. She also answered questions from a standing-room-only crowd during the April 7 edition of MacDowell Downtown.

Playwrights Carson Kreitzer and Ayad Akhtar led a rousing MacDowell Downtown in May as the two spoke about their recent projects and the importance of theater in today’s world.

​Experimental filmmaker Jacqueline Goss screened films she shot in New Hampshire and discussed her blend of fiction and documentary on June 2.