MacDowell Board President Andrew M. Senchak and Chairman Michael Chabon. (<em>Christian Holland photo</em>)
MacDowell Board President Andrew M. Senchak and Chairman Michael Chabon. (Christian Holland photo)

Board of Directors

The MacDowell Colony Board of Directors is composed of volunteer members with varying professional and artistic backgrounds from national locales. Its members are engaged in the wider Colony community, collaborating with board colleagues, staff, and volunteers to secure and sustain the Colony’s mission through active participation in board meetings and committees, serving as advocates for the Colony, its residency program, and artists.

Michael Chabon,

Andrew M. Senchak,

William N. Banks
Drue Heinz
Helen S. Tucker,
Vice Chairmen

Peter Jachym,

Robert M. Olmsted,

Cheryl A.Young,
Assistant Secretary

Susan Davenport Austin
David Baum
Robert Beaser
William B. Beekman
Eleanor Briggs
Barbara K. Bristol
Ken Burns
Peter Cameron
Anne Cox Chambers
Fred Clarke
Nicholas Dawidoff
Louise Eastman
Ruth M. Feder
Edmée de M. Firth
Christine Fisher
Sarah Garland-Hoch
Gerry Gartner
Elizabeth F. Gaudreau

Vartan Gregorian
Adele Griffin
John A. Hargraves
Larry Harris
Dan Hurlin
Lewis Hyde
Julia Jacquette
Carol Krinsky
Michael Krinsky
Lisa Kron
Robert M. Larsen
Monica Lehner
Tania León
Anne Stark Locher
Robert MacNeil
Scott Manning
Mollie Miller
Paul Moravec

Julie Orringer
Carol Ostrow
Olivia Parker
Thomas P. Putnam
Peter C. Read
Leslie E. Robertson
Brian Rogers
Barbara Case Senchak
Vijay Seshadri
Josh Siegel
Arthur Simms
Alvin Singleton
Charles F. Stone III
Robert Storr
Jamie Trowbridge
Jason Van Nest
Trevor Weston
Michael Young

Mary Carswell, Trustee Emerita

Cheryl A. Young, Executive Director

David Macy, Resident Director